How to set up your mobile phone to send texts to Twitter

(You don't have to have a twitter account)


Twitter allows you to use your cell phone to text tweets. It is a simple text to the number 40404. You have the option to create a twitter account, or you can simply setup your phone to tweet without creating a twitter account. See the instructions below...


Without a twitter account


          1. Create the account by texting START to 40404, reply with NO and follow the prompts (it will prompt you for your full name and then assign a username. You can change the user name with the text SET USERNAME and follow the prompt to reply with SET USERNAME and the new username.)  


          2. Add you cell phone to your account by texting START to 40404, and reply with YES, then enter your username and password.  


          3. Congratulations! Your cell phone is now setup to send and receive tweets!  


          4. If at any time the you would like to use twitter on the web, from the login page look for the 'Already using Twitter via text message' and click the 'Acitivate your account' link and follow the instructions.


With a twitter account


         1. On the internet, go to


         2. Click on “Sign up.” You’ll need to give your real name here; you’ll also create a username (your name on tweets) and provide an e-mail address.


         3. Be sure to customize your Twitter page (on your computer) to link to your mobile phone. This allows you to use your phone to text any time to 40404 and have any of your followers get your “tweets.” (Twitter does not charge for this service, but standard message and data rates apply.) 


Click on your profile, then click on the appropriate device and follow the directions.


         1. Twitter will send you an e-mail and your next step is to confirm that e-mail with them. You can now make all the fun choices about when your phone will receive tweets, what your profile will be on Twitter, and what your page will look like.


        2. When you “follow” someone, you get tweets from them. Be sure to follow us – “@ccumcprayers.” You may also use your address books and contacts to find friends already on Twitter. Or, you might not want to follow anyone--you may just want to send a tweet now and them.


How to get prayers sent to your cell phone 


          1. You do not need a twitter account to setup your phone to receive tweets as texts. If you do not have a twitter account simply text Follow ccumcprayers to 40404. (Notice there is no @ symbol required.) This is not a full twitter account, which means there is a daily limit of how many tweets can be received and you will be notified if you reach that limit.


          2. If you already have a twitter account you can text Follow @ccumcprayers to 40404 and your phone will now be setup to receive all prayer tweets as texts.


          3. You may wish to follow other twitter accounts such as CourthouseCUMC or CrthouseUpward or CourthouseYouth. To do this, simply replace ccumcprayers in the given instructions with the name of the account to follow.


How to post a tweet to our @ccumcprayers Twitter page


            Tweeting a prayer is as simple as sending a text. All you need to do is send a text to 40404 and in the text message include @ccumcprayers along with your prayer request. Then hit send. Easy! Note that twitter only allows 140 characters in a single tweet, so you will want to limit your text message to no more than 140 characters or it will get cut off. (This includes @ccumcprayers in the count). If you have a account you can optionally send a tweet from your online twitter account. Once you become comfy with tweeting (it could happen) there are some tools available (like that allow you to follow hashtags and you can even have hashtag conversations. You can text or tweet a prayer any time during the week…even during CCUMC’s Sunday morning service. Your prayer will be displayed during the worship service and our prayer team will follow up with you during the week. This is one more way to share our thanksgivings, concerns, and/or prayer requests.



How to see what prayers have been posted


             Go to our website click on Ministries then click on Prayer Connection.



How to delete a post from your Twitter page


You may not be aware that the tweets you send to @ccumcprayers cannot be deleted by the Church. In an effort to keep things current we are asking contributors to go into your account and delete or update any prayer requests sent in. The process to delete is very simple; open your twitter account, scroll down to the tweet you desire to delete, highlight it and then click on delete in the selection row below your tweet. Or you can use a tool (like to auto delete your tweets once they get beyond a certain age.